Stroud’s Five Valleys, like everywhere else, are full of Spirits that hallow the living land.  Our Old Ways connect with them. We learn to hearken — to their Song and the song of our own Souls.  We thus serve the land and become capable of fulfilling our deepest needs.

I offer individual and group walks in the Five Valleys — the dragon-paths, spirit-homes, energy-spots close to where I live.  The work is outside, combining two to three hours attentive walking with inner work and journeying.  Each walk introduces you to some of the Old Ones (perhaps Gywn, perhaps Elen of the Ways, perhaps Rhiannon) — and to whoever turns up on the way: trolls, river-spirits, the World-Tree … You learn to make contact, play, and to give and receive. 

You can see examples of past walks below.

I also offer more extended training.

Interested?  Intrigued?  Contact 



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